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 We are the Engineers’  First Choice”  for Quality Parts

We provide a wide range of precision machining services including CNC Machining, CNC Swiss Machining, Multi-Task MachiningCNC Milling and Micro Machining.

Rehtek utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in video metrology systems to ensure consistent part precision. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Registered and AS9100 compliant Multi-Task machining company that excels at reducing costs and delivering quality precision cnc machined parts that are paramount to your quality finished product.

We are the at the Core of Your Quality Product.



“Our Engineers Want Rehtek Machining This Part”

                                                    Rehtek Customer L.E Purchasing Dept.

  • Kovar Contact
    .020″ x .090″

  • Sensor Body
    .250″ x .125″

  • Mount

  • Sensor Body
    1.250″ x .7500″

    CNC Milling and Drilling
  • Machine Mount
    2.00″ x 5.00″

  • Adapter Mount
    3.0″ x 4.0″

  • Flange Mount
    5.0 ” Dia

  • Linkage
    2.0″ x 4.0″

  • Shock Mount

precision machined parts

Live Front Drilling

Milled & Bore Complete

precision parts for robotics

Live Front Drilling

Milled & Turned Complete

Precision CNC machined parts

Slot Milled

Ball Nose Champered


   Our Parts Are Part of Your Quality Product

Our focus on Up-Front Planning at the quote stage ensures that the most cost-effective methods are used to produce your precision machined parts.                                            

This is what we call the pro-tek® process

Our  manufacturing engineering staff will discuss with you the Critical to Quality design elements of your parts.

This input can give your engineers an opportunity to reduce cost and produce a Process-Friendly Part with greater quality.

We will lend our expertise and years of experience in manufacturing precision mechanical components to your new designs, or your mature products, to reduce cost.

We will machine, post machine process, bar code and  package parts that will fit directly Into Your Assembly Process

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Stephen K. Reh


rehtek thinks outside the part

“We Think Outside Of The Part”

  • Process Friendly Parts

  • Packaged To Fit Your Process

  • Part of Your Assembly Process

We specialize in CNC machining high performance parts made from exotic alloys such as Inconel, Stainless, Titanium, and Monel that excel in high stress environments.

Machining these Aerospace alloys is a science as well as a skill.

When machining Inconel, operators are trained to know when to index inserts and maintain tooling edges before work hardening occurs.

High Performance Alloys Demand  A High Performance Vendor.

Contact Us to handle your difficult to machine alloys

Rehtek machines precision parts that perform in extremem environments